Braun Oral-B TriZone Toothbrush Review

Braun Oral-B TriZone toothbrushes are a new range available in the UK. They have been designed to be used in the same way a manual toothbrush is, but claim to give better cleaning power. With this new action it gives an alternative cleaning action, when compared to the normal ‘rotation-oscillation’ technology of most other Oral-B toothbrushes.

How does it perform? Let’s look at some of the key features in this Oral-B TriZone review.

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The cleaning action is explained in this video:


What You Get With This Range

There are four different models, from the basic (and cheapest) Oral-B TriZone 600 to more feature-laden, most expensive SmartSeries 5000.

Braun Oral-B 5000 Smartseries TriZOne toothbrush

Top of the TriZone range is the SmartSeries 5000 with its innovative display. Click here for latest price.


Common features of all TriZone brushes

Regardless of which model you choose, they all have these common features:

  • The same Oral-B Trizone cleaning action. This includes three zones (hence ‘tri-‘ zone, of course) of bristles: a static group which act like those on a manual brush and two separate groups of moving power tip bristles. The moving groups of bristles both sweep and pulsate at the same time. All but the most basic (600) model produce 40,000 pulsations/ min (the 600 produces 20000) and 8800 rotations per minute (7600 for the basic model).
  • A two minute timer, one of the most useful features of modern electric brushes. Helps you to ensure that you spend long enough cleaning your teeth (i.e. a minimum of two minutes twice a day)
  • Pressure sensor which automatically slows down the brush speed if you are being too vigorous with your brushing! Again, this is a great feature on the better modern brushes. All models with the exception of the most basic (600) also have an indicating light to warn you of any excessive brushing pressure.
  • The battery life is quoted as 7 days for all models, except for the 5000 ‘SmartSeries’ which holds charge for 10 days.


Extra features of the higher-end models

As you’d expect, buying one of the more expensive models gives an increased range of options:

  • The TriZone 3000 model has two extra cleaning modes. These are ‘sensitive’ (for gentler cleaning) and ‘whitening’ (for removing stains). The 5000 model features these and two extra modes; the deep clean and massage (so,  5 modes in total). As I have written in other articles on the site, I am not convinced of any huge benefit from these extra features. ‘Whitening’ modes are a bit of a misnomer of they can’t actually change the shade of the teeth.
  • The 5000 model, like its brother the Triumph 5000 toothbrush, features a hi-tech wireless smart guide. This little piece of technology helps by guiding you on your performance as you brush! Key features include reminding you of when to switch quadrant and pressure feedback to avoid over-brushing. Certainly not an essential component of any toothbrush, but smart nonetheless!

There is a graphical representation of the various models and their features here.


oral-b trizone 1000

The 1000 model has less features but has the same cleaning technology as more expensive versions

Benefits of using a TriZone

They main selling point of the toothbrush is that you don’t need to alter your technique* if you are used to using a manual toothbrush. The majority of other electric toothbrushes require a different technique, which may take some getting used to. Some newer toothbrushes (like the Emmi-dent ultrasonic model) use a very different action to manual toothbrushes and as such need to be used totally differently.

The Oral-B TriZone brush is aimed at those who don’t want to, or find it too alien to alter their technique.

*You don’t need to alter your brushing routine so long as you are doing so properly already! Using an electric toothbrush still requires proper technique. Many of us don’t clean properly, for more advice read this article.


Any Downsides?

The main ‘downside’, as it were, is the cost. There is a lot of marketing that may oversell the benefits of an electric toothbrush. There are advantages, undoubtedly and for some groups (such as those with manual dexterity problems) these benefits are great. Others may notice a huge change of going electric. The most important point in terms of oral hygiene is proper technique, including time spent cleaning.

Trizone 600 toothbrush

There seems little point in opting for this 600 version, as the 1000 is better for practically the same price.

These toothbrushes, however appear to offer good value for what they offer. The range of models should suit most buyers. I don’t see any point in opting for the cheapest model (the 600) as the next model up , the TriZone 1000, is currently only a pound more expensive and so represents much better value.

The technology is relatively unproven when compared to rotation-oscillation type brushes (like this one) and ‘sonic toothbrushes’. But as the technology of the  Oral-B TriZone power brush is based on improvements to well-proven manual brushes this does not appear to be a major problem from the outside.


Summary Notes

This range of toothbrushes brings a new twist to the world of electric brushes. There is no need to change technique if you are used to a manual toothbrush, which will appeal to many.

There are a range of models in the TriZone range, ranging from the budget 600 to the feature-packed 5000 SmartSeries. The latter has the same features as our ‘top rated electric toothbrush’ and so looks a great product.

Read through the reviews on amazon for yourself (there are lots).

Braun Oral-B TriZone toothbrushes are a new range available in the UK. They have been designed to be used in the same way a manual toothbrush is, but claim to give better cleaning power. With this new action it gives an alternative cleaning action, when compared to the normal ‘rotation-oscillation’ technology of most other Oral-B …

Review Overview

Value for money
User rating


Summary : Great toothbrush - Easy to get used to - Be careful what model you buy.


My own recommendations if you want a TriZone brush would be to go for the:

  • 1000 version (rather than the 600) if you don’t want all the extra (and probably unnecessary) features, OR
  • If you want the very best, try the SmartSeries 5000 model which is similar to the award-winning Oral-B Triumph but with the TriZone cleaning technology.

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