Denture Procedure: What’s Involved in Making Dentures?

At the first visit of any denture procedure your dentist will assess your needs.  Your mouth will be examined to see what type of denture is best, or if bridges or implants would be better for you.

If you are to get a denture, any other work such as fillings, extractions and gum cleaning may be needed beforehand.  It is important to have a healthy mouth before the denture procedure is undertaken.


Denture Procedure: A Brief Run-Through

The exact denture procedure needed will vary with the type of denture needed.

However the procedure will usually revolve around the following:

"Image of a dental technician working on the denture procedure"

The dental technician creates your dentures in the lab. S/he works closely with your dentist to gain the desired result.

  1. Assessment of your mouth and treatment planning.
  2. Initial molds of your teeth and gums are taken using an impression material.
  3. Accurate impression trays specially made for your mouth are fabricated at the lab.  Secondary, more accurate molds of your mouth can then be taken.
  4. Wax blocks are shaped in your mouth by the dentist.  These blocks are molded to record the required shape of the dentures.
  5. Your ‘bite’ is recorded.  In the case of complete dentures the dentist records where the bite of the new dentures needs to be.
  6. A trial denture is made up to check for accuracy of fit and appearance. The trial denture will use the same color and shape of teeth that will be on the final denture.  Any changes are easily made at this stage.  If changes are needed, new trial dentures are made up and checked with a ‘re-try’ visit.
  7. The final denture is made at the lab once all are happy with the trial denture.
  8. At least one review appointment is required check how you and your mouth are adjusting to the denture.  Some final adjustments to the denture may be needed.

Usually at least four visits to the dentist are required for the denture procedure, and the process can take over a month to complete.

The false teeth are set up in wax first

The false teeth are set up in wax first


Having a new denture made is the beginning of a process.  The next stage involves getting used to your denture and may involve some ‘bedding-in’ problems.  See the next page on getting used to dentures and denture problems.

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