Facts About Teeth: Learn Something New About Your Mouth

Are you ready to learn some common and not-so-common facts about teeth? Chances are you’ll probably learn something new here, even if you think you pretty much understand all of the teeth basics.


Facts About Baby Teeth

In medical terms, baby teeth are known as deciduous teeth.  They are also often referred to as milk teeth.  Whatever you choose to call them, these teeth begin to grow before the child is born. They start to make their way through the gums when the child reaches the age of 6 to 12 months. When the youngster is six or seven he will start losing these teeth until he is approximately 12 years old, when the last of the baby teeth fall out.  Although they don’t hang around forever, baby teeth are important.

Read why baby teeth have an important role, and how to care for them here.

This is the time for parents to pull out their wallets and help out the tooth fairy. A recent survey in 2011 has determined that the average payment by this magical fairy is $2.60 per tooth.

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Facts About Adult Teeth

Adult teeth begin to arrive one by one as the milk teeth fall out and make room for the larger permanent teeth. There are four types of adult teeth that erupt:

  • Molars
  • Premolars
  • Canine teeth
  • Incisors

An adult has 32 teeth in total. The Incisors are the four teeth at the front on both the top and bottom jaw. There are four canine teeth, two on the top and two on the bottom. These are the pointy teeth you see right behind the incisors – think vampires! Premolars are behind these canines. There are four on both top and four on the lower jaw. Next come the largest teeth, the molars, behind the premolars and you also have at least eight of these – four on top and the same on the bottom jaw.

Wisdom teeth make up the last four teeth for a total of 32. Wisdom teeth are in fact really just a third set of molars. Many people get their wisdom teeth removed due to complications including lack of space. They are the last tooth found on each corner of the mouth at both the bottom and top.


Now that you know the most common facts about teeth let’s take a look at some fun lesser-known teeth facts.

1. Americans are buying toothpaste to the tune of 14,000,000 gallons yearly. That’s a lot of clean teeth!

2. On the other hand, 40% of senior citizens that are older than 65 have lost some of their teeth. That kind of makes you wonder about the gallons of toothpaste being sold, doesn’t it?

3. In the U.S. the best selling brand of toothpaste is Colgate Total.


There are a lot of other things to learn apart from these facts about teeth. Teeth play a vital role in your health and if neglected can cause serious health problems. Delve a little further into your study of teeth to learn the proper care and maintenance they require. You don’t want to end up being one of the 40% that has lost some of their teeth by 65. Especially after using all that toothpaste during your lifetime!

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