A Look At The Simplyhealth Dental Plan

If you’re in the UK, you may have seen the recent TV ads promoting Simplyhealth, a private medical insurance company. They offer a plan that is aimed at reducing the cost of your dental fees. This article will take a look at this scheme and hopefully help you decide if you may benefit from joining it.

Firstly, have a look at this explanatory video from the providers:


Who are Simplyhealth?

Formerly known as HSA, they are a very large provider of medical and dental insurance and plans. They recently took over Denplan, the UK’s largest dental payment plan specialists. This benefits customers in that they have access to a large network of private dentists that they can point you towards.

The dental plan that they provide seems like a great way of reducing your out-of-pocket expenditure on dental treatment. How does it work? Quite simply – You sign up to a payment plan and immediately can get cash-back on check-ups and cleanings (up to a certain limit, depending on what level you join). The dental practice signs a form for you, that you send off in order to get the cash back.

Treatment such as fillings are only covered after an initial waiting period of 3 months is up. Likewise any accidents or dental emergencies are only covered after this period. Anyone between the ages of 18-69 can join up as new members. Children can be added on for a reduced fee.


Plus points

  • The basic level of just under £8.00 per month seems to be an affordable way of cutting dental costs.
  • Signing up seems fairly straightforward, with excellent support on their site.
  • There’s a dentist finder on the site to help you find a nearby surgery.
  • Looks like a great way of getting kids covered (if they don’t have an NHS dentist)



  • You are unlikely to make any savings if you have excellent oral health and rarely need dental treatment.
  • If you have any work that needs done before joining, this is not covered.
  • Cosmetic treatment, implants and orthodontic procedures are not paid out for.


Should You Consider Joining Then?

Rather than looking at exactly what is and isn’t covered under the Simply dental plan, as this is covered in great detail on their site, I thought it might be useful to look at some ‘case studies’. So let’s take a look at some real world examples:

Close-up of woman with open mouth getting dental treatment

Good ‘fits’ for the scheme:

  • You join at the cheapest rate of £7.95 per month. You have had a check-up within two years of joining and have no outstanding treatment to be done. You have a few crowns in your mouth, and visit the dentist regularly for check-ups and scale and polishes. If a crown breaks and needs replaced (after the 3 month waiting period, following you joining the plan) the cash back on this alone (will be £100) should cover the annual fees (currently £90).
  • You have “weak” teeth and every year you need a few fillings done, an occasional crown or a new denture every so often. You will almost certainly benefit from joining the Simplyhealth dental plan, and might wish to consider paying one of the higher levels to get better coverage.
  • You have kids that don’t have an NHS dentist (and therefore free treatment). At only £2.50 extra per child (up to four children are covered), per month, this may be a worthwhile investment, especially if they have a history of needing dental fillings etc. Note that orthodontic treatment is not covered.


Bad ‘fits’ for the plan:

  • You need a lot of dental work done, but have put this off. Any treatment that is needed (at the time of you signing up) cannot be for claimed for cash back. You are only covered if you have had a dental check-up within the previous 2 years and needed no work done or have had any necessary treatment completed prior to joining this plan. The best advice here is to get the treatment done. Delaying will only make matters worse. Ask your dentist about spreading out the costs. Once completed, you can then consider joining up for a dental plan like this.
  • You have impeccable oral health. You brush twice daily, floss and attend for regular check-ups, rarely needing any work done. In this case, you are unlikely to benefit from a dental plan.
  • You want cosmetic treatment or dental implants and are hoping to reduce the costs. This scheme does not pay out for such treatments.

For complete details on what the scheme covers, visit their site my clicking the link below.


In summary, if you are in the UK and looking for a way to save on dental treatment, this Simplyhealth dental plan seems like a great option. Everyone’s needs and typical expenditure are different, so read through the details on their site to check if this plan will benefit you.

Note that there is a current promotion offering one month free and a £15 shopping voucher on signing up.

Visit the Simplyhealth site

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