The Emmi-Dent Toothbrush – “Cleaning Without Brushing”?!

I recently got my hands on an Emmi-dent toothbrush to try out. Like most dentists, I like new gadgetry and technology. So this new piece of kit certainly captured my interest. But what is so different about it?

emmi-dent toothbrush

The  Emmi-dent ultrasonic toothbrush

This product uses 100% ultrasound technology to clean. It produces ultrasonic waves to clean your teeth, as opposed to the traditional mechanical cleaning by way of either a manual or electric brush. The unit generates 96 million oscillations per minute, which create cleaning waves that penetrate deep in around the teeth and gums.

The Emmi-dent brush has only recently been released in the US market, but originally came out in 2004 in Europe. For more information see the manufacturers website here.


General Features

The Emmi-dent ultrasound toothbrush looks great, and feels very sturdy but not heavy. It is ergonomically pleasing, obviously well-designed. The battery life is excellent.

But most importantly, how well does it clean? I found the results to be very good. When first using the brush, it can be hard to believe that it is actually cleaning properly. Compared to conventional, physical brushing, this is a much gentler affair. A little bit of faith for the first few days, and then testing with disclosing tablets (learn about these here) proved that it performed perfectly in terms of plaque removal – ‘Emmi-dent clean’ in fact . The manufacturers also claim that it is very good at removing stains from teeth, but I was unable to test this (having no staining presently!)

It certainly takes a while to get used to. I found myself occasionally brushing as with a regular brush. Holding it still for a few seconds at a time in each area is counter-intuitive having spent so many years doing otherwise! It does take a little longer to get round all the teeth, but I did tend to focus more on where I was cleaning and for how long in each area, which is a plus. In general, people do tend to clean some areas more than others, which can have long-term effects (over-brushing some areas while neglecting others).

Here is a promotional video from the manufacturers to further explain the features:


So Who Might Benefit From This ‘First Ultrasonic Toothbrush’?

As I have stated elsewhere, I feel that an electric toothbrush is not a necessity for most people. So long as you use even a manual brush correctly and twice daily, that should suffice. But for some, an going electric may be of benefit in the long term. The Emmi-dent reviews favorably in this regard. There are some groups of patients who may really benefit from this gentler, different type of cleaning technology. Such groups may include:

  • Those with sensitive teeth may find a reduction in symptoms from using the Emmi-dent. This is particularly true if over-brushing with a traditional brush is a contributing factor to the problem.
  • Patients with abrasion. This problem is caused by years of ‘over-brushing’ with resultant wear at the neck of the teeth. Left untreated for long periods, abrasion from over-brushing can cause considerable damage to the teeth. This technology, used properly, should cause no such damge.
  • Patients with certain dental treatments (like bridges or implants) or orthodontic appliances in place. Such treatments can be difficult to clean around properly. The Emmident should make cleaning easier in these circumstances. Special brush heads are available for those who have braces.
  • People with manual dexterity issues, may find cleaning with this easier. The brush takes all of the ‘work’ out of cleaning your teeth.


A few niggles…

The main downside is the manufacturer’s claim that one has to use their Emm-dent toothpaste with ‘nano bubble technology’ when cleaning. This special toothpaste is formulated to release ‘nano bubbles’, which allow the toothpaste to get deep into the spaces between the teeth. I’m sure the manufacturers know what they are doing, but it would be good to see some research as to how important it is to use their own toothpaste.

There are a few fanciful claims on the brochure that came with the toothbrush. I found the facts to be a little over–hyped in terms of the advantages against conventional toothbrushes. The manufacturers claim the brush gets to areas where floss can’t reach. I would like to see some research to back this up. It is still very important to floss between the teeth after using this brush, in my opinion.

The price may put some people off. It is up there with some of the most expensive electric toothbrushes on the market.

A timer would be a useful addition to the unit. Many of the best dentist recommended toothbrushes have timers which also tell the user when to change ’quadrant’ when brushing. This unit would benefit from such a timer, in my opinion.



In conclusion, I found the Emmi-dent toothbrush to be an excellent product. While not a necessity, there are certain groups of patients who may benefit greatly from this new type of cleaning. I look forward to reading future research on the long term benefits of using this product.

I recently got my hands on an Emmi-dent toothbrush to try out. Like most dentists, I like new gadgetry and technology. So this new piece of kit certainly captured my interest. But what is so different about it? This product uses 100% ultrasound technology to clean. It produces ultrasonic waves to clean your teeth, as …

Review Overview

Value for money
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Summary : A new technology, cleans very well, let down somewhat by the price


If you want to check it out, the brush is available from Amazon.


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Have any experience with the Emmi-dent? Have your say by filling in the comments box below.


  1. I have been using the Emmi-dent for 10 months now. It appears to do
    what it claims for the most part as my bad breath has vanished and my
    dental hygienist has asked what I am doing differently.

    It takes some getting used to using this brush as you have to hold it over each tooth between 5 and 20 seconds depending on how much bacteria killing you want to do. I find I get better results cleaning wise if I hold it vertically
    rather than horizontally like a regular toothbrush. That way the brush
    head covers part of your gum and tooth and you get the ultrasound into

    I know they claim brushless cleaning but I find I still have to brush either before or after the regular way cause the lettuce stuck in my teeth does not come out without normal brushing action or flossing.

    The best part though is the battery life… it goes all month on one charge… so you can fearlessly go on a 3 week vacation and leave the charger at home… yeah!!!

    Now if they could only get the Iphone or Samsung smart phone to last that long.

    Overall 2 thumbs up for the ultrasound toothbrush.

  2. I would NOT recommend any sane person to buy this toothbrush. It does NOT do what it says on the box !
    Please read my full review on the Amazon website (I bought it from them)

  3. I want to see more research on this product. I would buy it in a nano if there was research to back up these ultrasonic claims esp on gum/perio issues. The video says clinical research but where is it? Did they use control groups?

    I’m afraid if I buy it and use it exclusively and it did not do what it promised because it would set back any gains I’ve made in my oral health. It’s not worth experimenting.

    I think Emmi-dent would sell more if they could show independant research results. People are paying the same price for Phillips Diamond brush so, if the E-D-ultrasonic brush could out-do that brush, it would be flying off the shelves. I’d actually buy them as gifts for my family.

    Dental deep scaling cost anywhere from hundreds to thousands so, there’s very good reasons to prove that this ultrasonic brush is superior to anything else on the market. People would run to buy it to save the the pain and most importantly their teeth by using the ultrasonic brush.

    I know for a fact that some people are not buying it due to the exclusive toothpaste deal. So, more reasons to show how superior both the brush with the paste changes the dental game with this innovation.

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