What Affects The Cost Of A Tooth Implant?

What Affects The Cost Of A Tooth Implant?

This page will take a basic exploration about the various tooth implant cost factors. What affects the average price of this treatment and more…

There is no doubt that implants are, in general, the most expensive treatment in dentistry. This is down to a host of factors including the time taken for the treatment, the price of materials (of the metal screws themselves and the crown/bridge/denture that overlies them) and the expertise needed by the dentist/oral surgeon.


What Affects The Cost?

Factors that influence the exact price of your treatment will include:

  • The skill, training and experience of the dentist/oral surgeon (more on them here). Greater expertise will command a higher typical cost per tooth.

    What affects the average cost of getting dental implant?

  • The skill and experience of the dental technician involved in the lab work. Higher skill, use of more expensive materials and greater experience commands a higher fee.
  • The number of implants that are needed. A single tooth implant cost will be less than if many are needed. If you need a ‘full mouth reconstruction’ this can involve a large investment.
  • Any temporary appliances like a bridge or partial denture needed as the metal part settles into the bone.
  • The type of work to be done. Mini dental implants cost less per unit (although you may need more of them as they usually are used to replace several missing teeth).
  • The type of crown/bridge/denture used over the implant(s). There are many types, with a very wide range in fees. Large bridgework can be very complex and expensive to produce. Some dentists place computer-manufactured crown and bridgework which means faster treatment and fewer visits. But this technology is very expensive.
  • The price of any foundation work such as a bone graft. This may involve the need for extra visits and material expenditure.
  • Whether any sedation is needed. Sedation, while great for many patients, can be expensive especially for longer treatments such as implants.


Speak to your dentist!

So there is a huge range to consider in answering how much do dental implants cost. In the UK for example, a single unit, e.g. to replace a missing front tooth can be anywhere for £800-£4000. It is beyond the remit of this, or any, general article to give out exact quotes for treatment. You need to speak to your own dentist. Bear in mind that if you plan to travel afar for any treatment, you may be in trouble if problems or complications arise with the work!

One point to take into consideration is that although implants may involve a significant investment, they may end up being more cost-effective in the longer term versus other alternatives (eg vs bridge work – more here). Also, for many the advantage of having fixed teeth in place (say, versus loose dentures) far outweighs the fees involved. Of course, the decision on whether they are worth the investment or not is different for everyone.

Image of a dental implant

But talk to your dentist if they are something you are considering. They may have financing plans in place that will help spread the fees, and make the process more affordable for you. Check your insurance to see if will help with the expense (although most plans will not cover this work)


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