The Top Ten Electric Toothbrushes*

Here is a list of the current top ten electric toothbrushes – *Based on current sales volume on, as of late 2013. What makes them so popular (in terms of price, features and cleaning power) and are there are any drawbacks to consider?

So if you are after a new electric toothbrush for yourself or as a gift, then look no further…


1. Philips Sonicare Essence 5600

Top of the current chart is this no-frills, but excellent, sonic brush. It features a smart-timer to ensure you brush for long enough (one of the most important elements of proper oral hygiene), one basic cleaning mode and good battery life.

The Essence 5600 (HX5610)  is a mid-range model – coming in at just under $60 – and if you just want a really sturdy brush, this is a safe bet. Worthy of its place at the top of the most popular electric toothbrushes list.


2. Philips Sonicare HealthyWhite

Philips Sonicare HX6711/02 HealthyWhite

The term ‘whitening’ toothbrush can be somewhat misleading, as these can only ‘whiten’ by removing stains from the teeth – They don’t actually change the underlying shade. So don’t buy a toothbrush expecting it to dramatically improve the whiteness of your smile.

So, this ‘HealthyWhite’ model has the same underlying sonic cleaning technology of other Sonicare brushes but is marketed differently. It has an extra mode of cleaning and a quadpacer (very useful – helps to make sure that everywhere in your mouth gets cleaned) when compared to the Essence 5600 above. I’m not sure the extra $30 or so makes this model worth buying though, when compared to the Essence.

The model at number two on the best-seller list is the HX6711 HealthyWhite, but this has been superceded by a newer model – the HX6731, which comes in at just under $100 currently. Also available as a dual pack, the HX6733 – Which seems like a reasonable deal presently.


3. Philips Sonicare HX6311/02  for Kids

Any parent will know that it can be hard to get their children to properly clean their teeth. A manual brush, when used properly, should be enough. However the extra gadgetry that comes with a power toothbrush may be enough to encourage an otherwise hesitant kid to embrace their oral hygiene routine.

This is the only kids toothbrush on the list. It has a quad timer to help set up a proper cleaning routine for life. Suitable from the age of 4+ (also has a different mode for kids over 7).


4. Oral-B Professional Healthy Clean Precision 1000

Braun Oral-B Professional Care 1000

The cheapest model from Oral-B’s award winning Professional Care range comes in at 1000. Another great brush for the price, with solid cleaning technology and a 2 minute timer. Also has a very useful pressure sensor that can reduce the chances of self-inflicted injury (abrasion) to the enamel.

It lacks many of the features of bigger brothers such as the 5000 and 3000 models (compare the features here)- but, again, will suit those on a budget who don’t need the extra gadgetry. Over a thousand reviewers on Amazon, the majority of whom are very happy with this brush, points to it’s quality.

Read our full review here.


5. Oral-B Vitality


Cheapest of this top ten, at under $30 comes the Vitality. A very solid toothbrush, this has the same rotation type head as the other Oral B models on this list, so it will do a good job of cleaning your teeth. Also has the important two minute timer.

One big negative (which we point out in our review) is the lack of a pressure sensor, important with these type of brushes,  if you have any tendency to scrub too hard. If you don’t, then this is a good little brush. Definitely a fine choice if you are on a budget, and perhaps an ideal option if you want to try out a power brush for the first time.


6. Oral-B Professional Healthy Clean + Floss Action Precision 5000

Our recommended choice as best electric brush, the Oral-B 5000 series

Our recommended choice, the Oral-B 5000 series. Click here for latest price.

The Oral-B 5000 (called ‘Triumph‘ in the UK) is a great product. It has all you could need and want in an electronic toothbrush. It is our number one recommended in the best electric toothbrush article (learn more here).

Features a separate smartguide (see image) that gives you feedback on how you are cleaning. Also great at letting you know if you are over-brushing.

We review this great product in full here.


7. Philips Sonicare HX9332/05 DiamondClean

image of a sonicare diamond clean

Click for price details on the DiamondClean

Rising up the chart in the past few months is the most expensive on this list, the DiamondClean. It looks beautiful and has some awesome technology going on.

It is up to you if you want to pay a premium for the elegant design and super features, as it is pretty much a Flexcare model under the skin.

We review this model here.


8. Philips Sonicare HX6511/50 Easy Clean

Philips Sonicare HX6511/50 Easy Clean

This model gets great consumer reports. Users love the light feel, compact handle and neatness of design. Of course, it uses the patented sonic cleaning technology so it will do a great job of removing plaque and stains. Has the smart timer and quadpacer included.

One of the good electric toothbrushes “mid-range” options, currently at just under $80.


9. Oral-B Professional Healthy Clean + Sensitive Gum care Precision 3000Oral-B 3000

The Oral-B 3000 is similar in many ways to the 5000 model above. The difference lies with the cool “smartguide” and extra cleaning modes that come with the latter.

It’s up to you if you think the $30 price difference makes the extra gadgetry worthwhile – I think it does so I’d recommend the 5000 over this (very good) model.


10. Philips Sonicare HX6921 FlexCare Plus

Last but not least is the Flexcare Plus. This product has it all – Proven cleaning power, multiple modes and a UV brush head sanitizer. One cannot fault this, it is the best sonic toothbrush (we review it here). The only issue is the price.

A direct competitor is the Oral-B 5000. At the time of writing, the Flexcare Plus is $40 more. You may want to think if it is worth paying the extra…  Unless you really want one of the Philips Sonicare range



If you are shopping for a new toothbrush, the best selling models listed here are a great place to start looking. My advice would be that it is not so much what model you buy (as all of these do great job cleaning), or how much you spend – But how well you use whichever product you buy, in terms of technique and time spent cleaning daily.

The Sonicare range currently dominates the best seller list in the US. The list in the UK is somewhat different, with the battle of Braun Oral B vs Sonicare swaying firmly in Braun’s favour – with currently 9 out the the top ten most popular list.

Our #1 recommendation is the Oral-B 5000. If you are on a budget your best option may be the Sonicare Essence (or the Oral-B 1000).

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