Why Your Teeth Should be Important to You

You might have some idea, but exactly why are teeth important?  Keeping your teeth healthy is important for a variety reasons:

A person’s teeth are one of the first things the eye is drawn to.

  • Appearance.  It is proven by research that the teeth are one of the first things someone will notice about you.  Shallow as it may seem, a healthy clean mouth will give a much better impression of you than an unhealthy looking mouth would.
  • Confidence.  Confidence comes with the appearance of healthy teeth.  People who are not happy with their smile will try to cover it up, deflecting from and interrupting social interactions.  A healthy mouth is a great asset, not just medically, but also both socially and professionally.
  • Diet.  Having a full set of teeth, with all their differing functions, allows one to keep a healthy and varied diet.  Your teeth play an important role in the beginning of food digestion.
  • Speech.  Teeth are important in speech development and maintenance of a variety of sounds.
  • Maintaining the shape of the lower face.


If you Don’t Look After your Teeth Now, You’ll Regret it Later!

Caring for your teeth at home is the key to a healthy mouth.  If you do not look after and keep your teeth healthy, you are at risk of tooth decay, gum disease and eventual loss of teeth.  The problem is that you may not be aware of these conditions until a lot of irreparable damage has been done."Image of Full upper dentures"

Dentists see the problem day-in and day-out.  People think they are ‘getting away’ with not caring for their teeth.  They come to the dentist with a problem and find they have a mouth full of decay or gum disease that they did not know about.


A summary of why you should try to look after your teeth, and why you’ll regret it one day if you don’t!:


A few minutes spent twice a day looking after your teeth. A few minutes a day ’saved’ by neglecting your teeth.
  • Reduced risk of decay
  • Healthier gums.
  • Fresh breath.
  • Less risk of losing teeth.
  • A lot less dental treatment needed over a lifetime.
  • A lot of money saved as a result!
  • Healthy teeth into old age.
  • Confidence in your smile.
  • Less chance of getting a tooth-ache.
  • More cavities.
  • High risk of gum disease.
  • High risk of teeth being lost a relatively young age.
  • A lot of dental treatment needed over a life time.
  • A lot of money spent on dental treatment!
  • Risk of health problems such as diabetes and heart disease being made worse.
  • Unsightly mouth due to decay, staining, bad gums and tooth loss.
  • Bad breath.
  • Lots of tooth-aches throughout one’s life.


Which side would you rather be on??

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